“The always incendiary Kit Reed‘s The Baby Merchant envisions a world of designer babies.” —Vanity Fair

“Reed, a fierce thinker, is poking at the soft spot of our national anxiety about every aspect of making babies and raising children.”
Washington Post Book World

“Reed writes a fast-paced thriller with a consummate sense of style.” –A.L.A. Booklist

“In Starbird, she fashions a unique antagonist, a damaged man who has compartmentalized himself away from most human emotions and who is surprised when his walls are breached. By the time the novel’s climax arrives, Reed has orchestrated the central conflict for maximum impact, and the rightness of its ending distinguishes “The Baby Merchant” as one of the most satisfying thrillers — science fiction or otherwise — of the season.” –The San Francisco Chronicle

“Reed’s books often prickle with satire, and The Baby Merchant is no exception. While her characters are driven by dreams of idealized parent-child relationships, she is slyly showing us the real thing, from the reality-show-ready screaming matches between Sasha’s friend Marilyn and her son, to Sasha’s and Tom’s deeply dysfunctional families. And our current obsessions about Homeland Security get a creepy twist: microchips implanted in the soft spot in every newborn’s head.

But The Baby Merchant is first and last a smart, sometimes startling thriller, graced with an interesting bad guy and with Sasha, whose metamorphosis from self-absorbed student to panicky single mom to avenging mother tiger powers the story. –The St. Petersburg Times

“That’s why Tom Starbird in Kit Reed’s newest novel, The Baby Merchant, is such a compelling character. A sort of modern Robin Hood, Starbird steals babies from those who don’t want them and sells them — for a price of a Lamborghini — to couples he deems worthy… Readers will find themselves engrossed in a real page-turner that will spur them to question whether attaining a baby is what these characters are really seeking.– The Chicago Sun-Times