“When a short story collection starts with a 90-year old Salman Rushdie being attacked by an ancient assassin as he throws out a ceremonial opening ball at Yankee Stadium (now a monstroplex shopping mall owned by the Sultan of Brunei), you know you’re dealing with a feverishly creative mind. The author of the well-received short fiction collection ‘Weird Women, Wired Women,’ Reed has a prose style that’s pure dry ice, displayed in dystopian stories that specialize in bitterness and dislocation. ‘Into the Jungle’ follows a housewife as she trades her family for a fresh start in the South American rainforest. ‘Escape from Shark Island,’ told from the point of view of a 16-year-old who still shares a bed with her three siblings and her parents, examines the extremely dark side of certain aspects of child rearing. ‘High Rise High’ details high school riot ‘worse than Attica,’ punctuated by a ‘monster prom that puts the arm on Armageddon.’ In other stories, residents of a gated community drive around in the night searching for their houses, a demented soap opera fan becomes psychotically attached to one of the show’s stars and a senile soldier spends years shouting from his nursing home bed. It’s enough to make you want to move to Lake Oswego.”
The New York Times Book Review

“With all due respect to sunshine, flowers, butterflies and the author’s mother, it’s a blessing that Reed… chose a psychologically dense, dangerous and darkly amusing path.”
Hartford Courant

“Reed’s humor is as sharp and cool as the edge of an icicle. These Dogs of Truth have bite.”
St. Petersburg Times

“Readers seeking perfectly crafted stories that feature unusual characters, wild ideas and heavy doses of weirdness will love this collection. Brilliant on all levels, many of these stories are worthy of awards. Highly recommended.”